MY MORNING AND NIGHT ROUTINE.... a true game changer

by Anita Petrov April 11, 2017

MY MORNING AND NIGHT ROUTINE.... a true game changer: 

I woke up one morning and everything was in its place. The kitchen was clean, the toys were put away and I already had my latte. I was ready to go and in a great mood! How did this happen?? Why didn’t I figure this out earlier??  

For several months, I would sit in frustration because the dishes in the sink were piling up, toys were everywhere, laundry was out of control and I couldn’t get my act together to even take care of myself. I wasn’t happy. I constantly felt disappointed or overwhelmed in my ability to create a great home.

 I needed a change. I needed a routine.

 A morning and night routine that would push me to spend 5-10 minutes on the things I do not enjoy doing. At least 5-10 on taking care of myself before diving into mommy-hood to take care of my little one. I didn’t want to make my routine too burdensome because then I knew it wouldn’t happen. So, I created a simple routine in my Mommy-do journal that changed everything for me.

 Here is my short and simple morning and night routine that I couldn’t wait to share with my fellow Mommy-Doer’s!


  • Put away dishes
  • Put away clothes
  • Make the bed
  • Take a shower
  • Drink coffee, relax


  • Put away any leftover toys/books from the day
  • Put dishes in washer
  • Ensure counters are clean
  • Wash my face, put on moisturizer
  • Write in my journal

This routine has been a true game changer. I wake up and the house is clean. I feel good because I am taking care of myself and making the time to relax before I take care of others. This routine gave me time back during the day so I could actually do FUN things with my little one and helped me stay organized.  It eliminated my frustrations of a chaotic home and made me and everyone else in this home….HAPPY!

Try it out for a few weeks and it will become a habit for you too! 


Anita Petrov
Anita Petrov


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