First time mommy tips

by Anita Petrov December 04, 2017

First time mommy

You are an amazing mommy and we know how rewarding yet challenging it can be to be a first time mommy! I became a first time mommy a few years ago with my daughter. She is absolutely amazing. I never knew a love like this, and I know you are feeling the same way about your babe!

 Prior to having my daughter I was a career woman who exercised daily, made amazing healthy meals and completed tasks/to-do lists and activities in a jipee.  I took care of myself with ease. I was organized, I felt great. Then, I became a first time mom….

I never knew it would be so challenging to take a shower or eat before 2pm! Bills were stacked high and I really had no clue what I did for the day, yet I knew it was busy. I never thought it would be so challenging and rewarding at the same time.  You are probably experiencing the same thing.. and if not. GO YOU, I am impressed. If you are, its completely ok and normal! Know that you are doing a great job and the fact that you worry or want to do better means you are an awesome mommy already.  We want to share some tips on how to be a happy and healthy mommy and hope that you can take bits and pieces or all of it to help you day to day.

First time mom tips:

Set a Routine:

A routine can be anything, a mix of quick chores or things you do for yourself. The point of the routine is to make it happen and get used to making it happen. My quick routines are the following:


  • Put away dishes
  • Put away clothes
  • Make the bed
  • Take a shower
  • Drink coffee, relax


  • Put away any leftover toys/books from the day
  • Put dishes in washer
  • Ensure counters are clean
  • Wash my face, put on moisturizer
  • Write in my journal

Create a daily schedule:

A daily schedule gives you a clear picture of what the next day will be like. It allows you to prepare your mind and have focus so that you can do what was intended and feel good about it.

Jot down your to-do lists:

We all have a million to-do’s, but instead of creating a list that is pages long. Create 5 to-do’s and stick to them. Avoid feeling overwhelmed and actually get them done. If you finish them and feel you can handle more that same day, then add more.

Get outside once a day:

This is HUGE. It is so easy to get stuck inside as a first time mom. The new adjustment of figuring out how to pack your child, how you will carry them and thinking about when the next feed will be can be overwhelming in itself. BUT. It’s a must, push yourself and it will get easier and easier the sooner you do it and the more you do it. Getting outside will boost your happy endorphins, give you the Vitamin D you need and give you and your babe a change in scenery. Explain the outdoors and what you see to your kiddo.  

Go for a walk:

Exercise might be the last on your list these days, but it is also one of the most important. I’m not saying go do boot camp and run a marathon. I’m talking about simple things like going on a walk, quick little exercises with your baby in hands (ie: Lifting, squatting (if after 6 weeks and permitted by doctor), sit ups etc.) or stretching. Start with a 5 minute workout a day and increase as you feel comfortable.  

Mommy & Baby Care:

I can’t tell you how many mom’s will forget or have trouble taking care of themselves. From taking a shower to brushing your teeth. Connect with your significant other so you can ensure this is a priority. The best way to do it is to do it first thing in the morning so that you start your day right. Put fresh clothes on and get your coffee in hand. Make sure you eat and stay hydrated by creating goals, a schedule and meal plan for yourself. We know your baby is your top priority right now, which is GREAT…. But DO NOT and I mean DO NOT forget about you. So many first time parents will forget about themselves.

Understand and get ahead of Development Milestones:

As a first time parent, developmental milestones can be gibberish to you. You will notice that your pediatrician will start to ask questions that relate to developmental milestones. Instead of waiting, get ahead of the game and learn about the milestones. Create activity goals daily with your babe so that you can ensure they are progressing the way they should. We have a wonderful resource on Developmental Milestones from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the back of our Mommy-do journal along with activity tips to help you out in this area.  

Spend some time alone = ME time

You may start to notice that ME time is a thing of the past. From getting alone time just to go pee and going to the store “quickly”. However, it doesn’t have to be. Create ME time goals so that you can have a moment to yourself. We all need to refuel ourselves to be the best mommy we can be. Get a starbucks and read a book or jump on social media..whatever sounds good to you and relaxing to you on your own… DO IT even if its for ten minutes a day.  

Remember your relationship= US time

Yes, I know you are trying to juggle so many new things as a first time parent. BUT there is one more thing you need to remember… your relationship. You will both start to notice that free time is sleep time or a time to quickly eat and then sleep 😊 BUT start small and make sure you spend quality time together. It doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway, but you can still enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine together. Get your family involved and set goals so that you do not forget about your relationship and make the time.. Not only do the two of you need it, your babies need to see you have a relationship.


Breathe in and breathe out. You are doing an amazing job momma!

We are here to help make all of these easier on you. Write down your goals in our Mommy-do journal and make them happen. Paint a picture of what you want so that you can feel accomplished and feel great. Remove the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by organizing yourself. It works… you know how I know? I created this journal when I felt overwhelmed just like you as a first time mommy. You know how it got better? I wrote it down, became organized and intentional.

You got this! I know you can do it!

Anita Petrov
Anita Petrov


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