The Modern Mom and Her Routine

October 10, 2018

Modern Moms today have higher expectations and pressures from every aspect. Keeping our bodies in check, healthy routines, activities for our kids and the list goes on. 

It's easy to say.... "so don't give in to the pressure" But the reality is, there is no escaping it. So instead of trying to escape, lets figure out how to work with the pressure and minimize it the best we can. 

First lets talk about why a routine is so important.

  • You know what to expect
  • Excited for whats to come 
  • Sense of accomplishment 
  • The kids know what to expect

If you are feeling lost of have a constant battle in your head going on…write down what is bothering you. Get to the bottom of it. Are you feeling unaccomplished? Do you feel like your kids are out of control or are they not doing what you want them to be doing? Is your house a constant mess? Do you feel like yourself? Are you happy with your health? Are you happy with how you look?

Write it down. Write what is bothering you the most. Then break it down and figure out how to make it better.

I’ll go first. I’m going to start with 3 things to give you an idea. However, I suggest starting even smaller. Start with one and then once you figure that out, go to the next. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. If you overwhelm yourself, you won’t do it.  

  1. I am struggling with figuring out what to do daily with the kids
  2. I do not feel like I am taking care of myself or being healthy
  3. The house is a constant mess

Next, I need to figure out what I can do to make these areas better. Many times, areas that need improvement run through our heads over and over again causing more anxiety or anger. Writing it down can make a huge difference.

Ok so… here we go. Lets start with number one.


I am struggling with figuring out what fun activities to do with my kids during the week.  


What I decided to do is make a list of all the things we can do in the area that are fun for the kids.


Music Museum

Theme Parks


Classes (Local Classes or through the Y)

DIY activities

Nature Walks





Reading- Library



                 My next step is dedicating days or times for those hours of activities or fun for the kids. This way I do not make excuses and I actually make it happen. The kids know what to expect and look forward to our fun adventures. For those of you that have work, these activities might be more condensed to 30 minutes or so after work.

Tuesday: 10-12pm

Thursday: 10-12 pm

So now, we have a routine scheduled for the kids. I blocked off times and I created a list of go-to activities. My next step is creating a time to decide and write down what we will do.


I decided I would write down which activity we would do nightly in my Mommy-do Journal


And just like that we have a routine. It is up to me to make it happen, but now I at least feel good knowing when we will do these activities and how to schedule them out. I feel less overwhelmed already!!


Next lets focus on number two:

I do not feel like I am taking care of myself or being healthy.

First step is figuring out what that really means. Does this entail food, working out, self-care, etc.

For me it is the following:  


Meal planning with healthy meals

Taking care of myself: Moisturizing, dental care, hair care, body care.

Looking great daily= dressing up in the morning and getting ready for the day.


Now lets break it down in each area so that we know how to dedicate time and make it a routine.



I decided to dedicate at least 1 hour Monday, Wednesday, Friday in the morning from 9-10 am for my workout. I will make a plan of what I want to work on for each day so that once I get to the gym, I do not feel all over the place and end up doing meaningless exercise.


Meal Planning

I dedicate meal planning to Sundays. In the morning I create my meal plan, I grocery shop and get it out of the way. I make my meals during nap times so that they are ready to go for the night and I typically like to make enough for lunch as well.


Taking Care of Myself:

My goal and routine will be to dedicate and give myself at least 15 minutes in the morning and at night for my self-care. I want my body to feel good and refreshed.


Looking great daily

I plan to get ready for the day with the kids. I always put them first and then barely give myself enough time to really look and feel good. My routine will be to make it happen in the morning with the kids.


                 My plan is to write the details for my workouts, my meals, and self-care daily at night. This way I know what to expect the next day. If I want to add a face mask in the mix, I can have fun and get creative. Find recipes at night and then make it happen in my routine in the morning.  


The house is a constant mess


                 First step, figuring out what is typically a mess and how to spread it out and make time for it.




These are the main areas that are a constant mess. I decided my routine would be to do the dishes morning and night always.


Toys I would help the kids put them away at night and try to get them to clean up after their mess in the morning (WIP).

Clothes- same as toys.

I truly feel better just writing down what the issue is. Now its time to actually do it and make it a routine. Once I incorporate this routine, we will focus on other areas that are not so routine but more of daily goals.

I encourage you to take those same steps today and see what you come up with. Give it a go for at least two weeks and then re-evaluate and see if it is working. If it is, great, keep going. If it isn’t, get your pen and write down why its not working and get to the bottom of that issue. Make some tweaks and start again.

You got this momma! Do not stay in a rut. Get out and make it happen!

Want to write it down as well? Check out our very own Mommy planner that will help you kick start routines, goals and give you a chance to reflect. Keep a daily gratitude journal to keep pushing you in a positive direction.


Mommy-do goal getting journal:


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