The Benefits of Meal Planning:

by Anita Petrov May 22, 2017

There are so many benefits to meal planning. Try it out for a week or two, see what you think. It truly is another game changer. Instead of wasting time and energy and creating stress, you can spend great quality time with your family. Create a healthy home and have fun doing it. Get your significant other and kiddos involved in the meal planning as well!

Saving Time and Money

You might not realize it, but many of us waste a lot of time thinking about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On top of that, if you only have a certain meal in mind at that moment but are missing ingredients, you waste time having to go to the store again to get additional ingredients.

We tend to buy more of what we do not need when going to the grocery store unplanned which can lead to higher weekly expenses for food.

Less Stress

Having hungry munchkins and zero idea of what to make can add a great deal of stress to your day. Trying to match things up last minute all while trying to calm your little ones down is not fun at all. Having your meal plan in mind allows you to prep in advance and know exactly what you are doing. Even if you are cooking last minute, at least you know what you are cooking.

Food Waste

When you have a set menu in mind you usually do not buy ingredients you don’t need. Buying ingredients you do not need, tend to end up in the waste because they do not match anything else in your fridge for your meal.

Eat Healthy and Create Variety

As you take the time to create your meal plan for the week, you can get more creative. Look at pinterest or cookbooks for more of a variety. If your goal is to eat healthy, create healthy meals. When you prepare in advance and know what you are going to buy, you will most likely only buy healthy ingredients.

 Check out my meal plan for this week:


Love, Mommy-do

Anita Petrov
Anita Petrov


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